Summer Survival Kit: #3 – Green Tea

Green tea contains certain components that do good by your skin!  Camellia Sinensis has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  Clinical experiments have shown that the components in green tea could stimulate aged skin cells to renew cell division and resulted in an increase in elastin, a substance that gives elasticity to the skin and reduces wrinkles.

What does this have to do with summer?  Your skin takes a beating during this season between the chlorine in the pool, the over exposure to the sun (how does one make a raisin?) and insect bites.  Use skin care products that contain green tea to help heal, soothe and leave your skin looking radiant.

Here are a few Mary Kay skin care products that contain green tea that you can incorporate into your skin care routine this summer.

Drink iced green tea to hydrate your body and extend the benefits of this amazing super food to the other organs in your body.  Brew up a pot of green tea and put it in the fridge so it is ready for you when you want to re-hydrate during a hot summer day.  Not into doing it yourself?  Select a prepared green tea that has no sugar added.  I’m a huge fan of Teas’ Tea Jasmine Green Tea (available at these retail locations or online).

What else goes in your survival kit?  Tune in tomorrow for the answer.


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